The Robotics Series: Why Should Robotics Be Taught in Schools?

Robotics is being more widely used in many areas of our lives, and it’s definitely a growth area for the future, yet for many people it’s bewildering, and even scary.

In this blog, we want to look at the reasons why we think robotics should be taught in schools, to prepare kids for a future where technology is set to become increasingly important.


Why Fireworks Are all About STEM

Fireworks Bonfire Night is approaching and maybe you’re going to see a fireworks display. There’s something about fireworks that delights us, no matter how old we are. But while you’re admiring the flashes, bangs, and pretty colours, think about the fact that fireworks are teaching us principles of physics and chemistry. Yes, STEM never stops, even on Bonfire Night!

5 Ideas for STEM-Related Halloween Fun at Home

It’s almost Halloween, a night that most kids love because they get to dress up as a spooky character and eat plenty of sweet treats. But aside from the parties, pumpkin carving, and apple bobbing, there are some fun STEM activities you can do with the kids to get them in the Halloween spirit.

Here are 5 brilliant ideas for Halloween STEM activities, courtesy of the lovely people at First Wonder Box.

Halloween STEM fun

What Children Can Learn from Building Models

children building models Building models is educational for children, and it provides a great opportunity to unplug them from their devices for a few hours, learn something new, and have fun. Here’s what children can learn from building models.

Can Chores and STEM Learning Mix?

If you’re met by familiar grumbling and eye-rolling whenever you ask your child to tidy up their things, you’re not alone. But, we think you can make chores fun and help your child learning something in the process-here’s how: