The Benefits of Art in Education

Whether or not art has any place in STEM is a subject of constant debate, but it’s undeniable that some STEM careers are strongly rooted in art and creative thinking, such as graphic design, architecture, and animation.

But focusing on art in education and wider learning has many benefits for children.

The benefits of art in education child painting

How Your Child Learns at Every Stage

Baby making sounds playing learning Children go through stages of development where they learn new things about the world around them and pick up new skills. Here’s our guide to how and what children learn at every age.

How to Teach Your Child to Follow Instructions

Child following directions Being able to follow instructions is a key life skill. It starts when we are children and we’re given instructions by our parents and teachers, and even when we’re adults, there are plenty of occasions when we need to follow directions and instructions (have you ever assembled something from IKEA?!). Being able to follow directions and instructions is important in life and at work.

So how can we help our children learn how to follow instructions? Follow these tips:

How to Improve Your Child’s Organisational Skills

improving your child's organisational skills There are many skills that children will need both in the classroom and in life, and as parents, we are perfectly placed to help them learn.

One of the skills they will need is to learn how to organise themselves and their lives. Here’s how you can help your child improve their organisational skills at home.

How to Encourage the Development of Motor Skills


Motor skills are skills that help us to do the things we do every day. Fine motor skills are movements that require a lot of control and precision of the hand muscles, like fastening a zip, and gross motor skills involve the larger muscle groups and include activities like walking.

Both types of motor skills enable children to be more independent. As they develop, those skills allow them to do things like brush their teeth and fasten a zip as well as writing, drawing, and more.