How Younger Children Can Play and Learn at Home

younger children playing and learning at home

The lockdown has been in place for a while now, and while at first, being off school might have seemed like a novelty, by now kids are tired of not seeing their friends and parents are rapidly running out of ideas to keep them entertained.

Older children and teenagers often find it easier to keep themselves occupied without our input, but what about younger children? They learn and connect with others through play so this situation is likely to be difficult and confusing for them. So how can you keep them stimulated?

Here’s how younger children can play and learn at home.

Screen-Free Activities That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

child doing crafts at a table

Has your child’s total screen time gone out of control since the start of the lockdown? While it’s great that they have access to technology to help with learning and to stay in contact with their friends, they need to spend time doing activities off-line too, so they can have a healthy balance. Here are some screen-free activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Why it’s Okay to Let Kids Get Bored

Child sitting on sofa bored

‘I’m bored’ is a phrase that often strikes fear into the heart of worn out parents. In normal circumstances, kids are kept busy with school, outings on a weekend, and after school activities, but since the lockdown, schools have been closed and a lot of their usual activities haven’t been available. Parents have been juggling home schooling with trying to find ways to keep kids occupied so they don’t get bored. But is there really anything wrong with boredom? Here’s why it’s okay to let kids get bored.

Setting a Good Example for Children Online

child playing on tablet

We are all spending even more time online during lockdown. Many parents worry about their children being online a lot, but there are positives at a time like this. They can use online platforms to keep in touch with friends and family, play educational games, and learn.

But as we know all too well, the internet can bring out the worst in some people, and while you might be concerned about what your child is getting up to online, have you considered how you conduct yourself?

Keep Your Child Safe Online

Child and parent on computer

School’s out thanks to the coronavirus and this means that kids are spending more time online, whether they’re using online learning resources, playing games, or interacting with classmates and friends. So how do you make sure the time they spend online is safe? Here are our tips on how to keep your child safe online.