How You Can Help Your Child Improve Their Listening Skills

child listening to parent

Are you even listening??

How often have you said this to your child? It can be infuriating when it seems like they aren’t listening to you, but being able to listen is not just something they need to be able to do at home and at school, listening skills are important for life. Here’s how you can help your child improve their listening skills.

How to Make Homework Time Hassle-Free

Child doing homework

School have reopened and that means that kids and their parents are having to adjust to being back in the school day routine. This might be tough for some people after months of struggling to maintain any sort of routine at all (not to mention what a tough time it’s been!)

For most kids, learning isn’t over and done with once they leave the classroom, there’s the dreaded ‘H’ word to think about: Homework.

Sometimes it’s the last thing they want to do when they are tired and just want to play on their computer or relax, and it’s the last thing parents want to do when they’ve spent all day at work and they just want some family time.

Homework time can be a battleground. But however kids feel about it, it has to be done.

Here’s how to make homework time hassle-free.

What Do Kids Need to Thrive?

child playing with building blocks

Kids develop and find their way in the world through learning a lot of different skills. It’s not all about learning for the sake of passing exams, it’s about developing physical, social, cognitive, creative, and emotional skills that will help them fulfill their potential and thrive.

So what are these skills and why are they important? What do kids need to thrive?

How STEAMLab Enhances Classroom Learning

Children learning in classroom

Kids have missed a lot of school this year due to the pandemic, so teachers and parents might be worried about the effects this will have on them and their learning in the longer term. But STEAMLab can help. When restrictions relax enough, we’ll be here to support kids and their schools every step of the way. Here’s how STEAMLab enhances classroom learning.

How to Reduce Your Child’s Anxieties About Going Back to School

back to school flat lay image written on a chalkboard

Now that schools are starting to reopen again after months of being closed, many kids will have mixed feelings about going back. They will be really looking forward to seeing their friends again, but they might also be anxious about stepping outside of the safety and predictability of home.

Here’s how to reduce your child’s anxieties about going back to school.