5 Creative Ways You Can Teach Kids STEM Skills

STEM learning is not all about sitting in front of a textbook and doing maths exercises or learning scientific formulas. There are some ways you can help your kids learn STEM skills while having fun.

Try educational board games

Your kids can learn maths, science, technology, and engineering concepts even when they don’t know it with an educational board game. Games will also teach them about communication and will help build their confidence. You can find some fun STEM board game ideas here.

Tell stories

Kids love letting their imaginations run wild, so it’s no surprise that most of them love to hear a good story. Use different voices for the characters, and even let kids decide what happens next in the story as you go along. Storytelling helps kids learn about language and structure.

Get them to figure out puzzles

Puzzles help kids learn how to problem solve and think critically. Whether you build something out of Lego and ask them to create an exact replica, or you set them a challenge of building a more complicated model or structure, it can keep them occupied for hours!

Get out the pencils and crayons

Many STEM advocates will say art takes something away from STEM learning, but we beg to differ. Kids can learn about shapes and colours and develop their spatial skills simply by drawing.

Enrol them in a STEM workshop or camp

STEM clubs and workshops are become ever more popular, and there’s something fun and educational available for kids, no matter their background.

STEAM Lab provides fun and engaging workshops for kids aged 3-16 years including:





Video game design, and more!

STEAM Lab is a social enterprise that runs classes and workshops aimed at teaching kids about science, technology, engineering, art, and maths-all while having fun!

We believe that every child deserves the chance to reach their potential and have a brighter future, whatever their background.

Contact us to find out more about our classes and workshops.

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