5 Jobs Robots Can Do Better Than Us

robots in space Whatever your opinion about robots, it looks like they are here to stay. You might have read headlines about ‘killer robots’ or about them taking over human jobs, but the fact is, as robots become more advanced, they can do jobs faster and more accurately than we can.

Robots are increasingly being used for jobs that are too dangerous for humans to do. Let’s look at just some of the ways that robots are becoming so valuable.

In the military

Robots might be used to defuse bombs, examine suspicious packages, and deactivate landmines. Sending a robot in to do these tasks is so much safer than putting a person in harm’s way, no matter how experienced they are.

Making cars

Assembly lines at car manufacturing plants are becoming increasingly manned by robots. It’s not that people are not needed at all, it’s just when manufacturers have to keep up with huge demand, robots can get the job done faster without being prone to fatigue or repetitive strain injuries.

In space

Robots can explore terrain in space where no person could ever go (because of the extremes of temperature and atmospheric gases, for example). Robots usually take the form of unmanned vehicles or spacecraft that can capture amazing footage of undiscovered places in our galaxy.


Robotics is increasingly being used in surgery, to make it less invasive and more precise. A surgeon uses a computer to direct the robotic arm’s movement. This is especially helpful when it comes to very intricate surgery like heart surgery.

In dangerous environments

Imagine there’s been an earthquake and a building has collapsed with people inside. Wouldn’t it be safer to send a robot in to investigate the extent of the damage and look for survivors rather than putting people in danger? This is just one of the situations where robots are increasingly being used in place of humans.

So rather than being ‘killer robots,’ robots can actually save lives, and rather than taking our jobs, it’s more likely that they’ll be supplementing them, and doing the jobs that are too dirty or dangerous for us to do. Either way, understanding robotics will give you an advantage in the future, as more and more industries introduce them.

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