Can Chores and STEM Learning Mix?

If you’re met by familiar grumbling and eye-rolling whenever you ask your child to tidy up their things, you’re not alone. But, we think you can make chores fun and help your child learning something in the process-here’s how:

Engage their thinking mind

Whatever they’re doing, ask them how they think they could do it faster, or make it easier. For example, if they’re tidying their room, maybe coming up with a system for organising their books and toys would make it faster and easier to tidy next time. Next time they tidy their room, they can test the theory.

Turn tidying into an impromptu build

No doubt your child loves playing with building blocks or Lego, but tidying them up? Not so much. But they can’t stay on the floor, so why not get them to build a tower or structure out of the blocks? Tell them they have to build something that won’t fall down and make a mess, and this will encourage them to use their critical thinking skills (and clear some floor space!)

Organise toys in different ways

One good way to help children learn, and take their mind off the fact they are tidying up (well, at least a bit!) is getting them to organise their toys in different ways. They can organise their books in alphabetical order, or their toys according to colour, for example.

Make tidying up a numbers game

To teach your child maths skills, when they’re doing a task like tidying their room, get them to write down how long it took and how many toys they had to put away. Then for the next few times, record the figures then draw a little graph to see whether they are getting quicker and more organised or not.

So you can mix chores with learning-who knew? Instead of just tidying their room, your child will be learning organisational skills, improving their critical thinking, and learning about words, numbers, colours, and more.

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