Do You Know Your Child’s Learning Style?

Not every child learns best from a text book, so it’s important that different learning styles are catered for. Otherwise, some children can feel excluded and end up not doing as well as they could. If parents understand their child’s learning style, they can choose fun ways to help them learn that suits their learning style. Do you know your child’s learning style?

The different learning styles

Researchers have identified three different learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic.

Visual learning style

Children who are visual learners will recognise words when they see them, and they’ll learn best from reading or from lists.

Auditory learning style

Children who are auditory learners like to have verbal instructions and discussions, and they might use music or sounds as a learning aid.

Kinaesthetic learning style

Children who are kinaesthetic learners learn best when they are being active, and they use movement as a learning aid. They might find it hard to sit still and prefer ‘hands on’ learning.

Learning ideas that suit different learning styles

Visual learners

Encourage learning through the use of diagrams, flow charts, mind maps, or labelled pictures. Children might also like to use colour as a way of highlighting different things they have learned.

Auditory learners

Children will love to hear stories or anecdotes on different topics when they learn. They will also do well if you discuss the subject they’re learning about and ask their opinion on things.

Kinaesthetic learners

Children with this learning style will love building models and doing other practical activities. They will also enjoy any type of physical activity, and this can be used to teach them concepts about science; for example, the effects of physical activity on the body.

But it’s not that simple…

Research has found that there are four more learning styles, which go into a little more depth on learning preferences and personality. These are:

Innovative learners: These people want to learn things and apply them in a meaningful way. They work well with others.

Analytical learners: Children with this learning style like to learn facts, and they show interest in doing things that might make the world a better place.

Common sense learners: This type of learner enjoys practical activities and learning that can easily be applied in the real world.

Dynamic learners: Children with this learning style are very curious and keen to learn everything about everything. They are particularly good at gathering information.

Which category does your child fall in to, and how do they learn best?

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