Go Outdoors For STEM Learning and Fun This Autumn

child out walking in autumn leaves

The air might be chilly but the autumn leaves and the beauty of nature at this time of year make it the perfect time to go outdoors and even fit in some STEM learning too!

Here’s how you can go outdoors for some STEM learning and fun this autumn.

Go for a family walk

Head to a local park or woods and see how many different coloured leaves you can find. Collect some in a bag along with things like twigs and conkers that have fallen on the ground.

When you get home, you can use what you’ve found to do some arts and crafts, like making a leaf collage or doing some leaf printing by digging out some autumnal coloured paints, painting the veiny side of the leaf, and pressing the leaf down on your paper or card. You might just find that your little one is an artist in the making!

Do some wildlife spotting

When you’re out on your walk, or even when you’re in the garden, get kids to keep an eye out for the different kinds of wildlife they can see. From squirrels searching for nuts to store for winter, to hedgehogs nesting in the garden, there’s lots to see at this time of year.

Use an autumn walk as a chance to practice mindfulness

As well as teaching kids STEM concepts, we often incorporate mindfulness into our workshops and classes. An autumn walk is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. Encourage your child to notice what they can hear; maybe they can hear the sound of leaves crunching under their feet. Encourage them to notice what they can see; maybe they notice a squirrel darting up a tree. Ask them to feel something and focus on its details; it could be something like a pine cone. Finally ask what they can smell; maybe they can smell wet leaves or a bonfire. Getting kids to focus on their senses really helps keep them in the moment and focuses them on experiencing the wonder of what’s around them.

Help them learn about trees

Teach your budding little scientist about the different trees they can see in the park or woods. The Woodland Trust has some amazing printable guides for kids which will help them learn all about trees. You can access guides for all seasons, so it’s a great way to teach them about how trees change at different times of the year. Find the guides here; they are a perfect way for hands-on learners to learn about nature.

At STEAMLab, our workshops and classes teach kids skills that not only benefit them in the classroom but that will stay with them for life.

To find out more about our fun, engaging, and educational sessions, get in touch!

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