How Animation Can Make Learning Fun

How animation can make learning fun We know that kids learn much more when learning feels like fun. Animation is fast becoming a popular way to make learning more engaging and enjoyable. Here’s how animation can make learning fun.

It makes things simpler and more memorable

By using animation, even topics that are difficult to understand can seem simpler and kids are more likely to remember what they’ve seen. Animation tells a story that helps kids stay interested and retain information.

You can use animation to teach any subject

Animation can be used to teach kids about everything from how cells in the body function to helping them learn about events in history. They can’t see cells without a microscope and they can’t go back in time, but animation can still bring things to life.

It motivates kids to learn

Instead of having to hear a collective groan when it’s time to get the textbooks out, teachers who use animation in lessons will find that it’s a very useful learning tool, especially for difficult or dull topics. Animation can motivate and inspire kids to learn, and they’ll remember more of what they’ve learned too.

Using characters increases familiarity and enjoyment of learning

Avatars and other types of characters that are used in animations can help bring the subject matter to life. Sometimes, kids will be able to relate to the characters, become familiar with them, and learning becomes a more engaging and enjoyable experience.

It can be used with kids of all ages

Animation can be useful in teaching concepts to kids from pre-school right up to secondary school. Obviously, simpler concepts, images, text, and sounds are used for younger children, but animation can make learning engaging and memorable at any age.

It’s suitable for all learning styles

Some aspects of traditional education don’t suit children who prefer hands-on learning, but animation can be an effective learning tool across all learning styles, because it engages the senses and is very effective when it’s used alongside other teaching methods.

We use animation in some of our workshops and classes because we know that it’s an inclusive way of learning, and every child deserves the chance to learn and do well, even if they aren’t academically-minded.

STEAM Lab runs classes and workshops aimed at teaching kids about science, technology, engineering, art, and maths-all while having fun!

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