How to Encourage Learning for Life

At STEAM Lab, we believe that learning shouldn’t just take place in the classroom. As a parent, one of the most important things you can do for your kids is to encourage a life-long love of learning. Here’s what you can do to help your little geniuses on their way;

Give them the gift of books

Everyone is so busy looking at screens nowadays, but think about when you were a child, and how much you loved stories. Books teach kids about language and encourage them to use their imagination so they’re an essential part of learning and development.

Encourage them to teach others

If you have an older child, ask them to show their younger siblings how to do things, or get them to help them with their homework. If your child learns how to do something, ask them to show their friends, and it will improve their confidence and inspire other children to learn too.

Let them have fun

Learning is not all about sitting down with a textbook. Kids can absorb just as much, if not more, information when they’re having fun. What’s even better is if they’re having fun, they might not even realise that they’re actually learning!

Give them a choice

Instead of pushing your child into one thing or another, let them decide what they would like to learn. Do they want to learn an instrument, or go to ballet? Allow them to try things and see which interests develop.

Introduce them to educational toys and games

While we often feel dismayed at the thought of our kids spending more time in front of screens, there are some great educational games and quizzes online where they can learn and have fun. If you’d rather they did something a bit more hands on, invest in some STEM toys and games whether it’s Lego, a model kit, or a set that brings science to life.

Encourage learning at home

Always give your kids the message that learning doesn’t begin and end at school. There are plenty of ways to encourage learning at home, and we don’t mean hovering over them while they do their homework! Treat a trip to the supermarket as an excuse to teach them maths concepts (working out costs and the change you should get etc) or do some baking with them and get them used to different weights and measures. They’ll learn something and they’ll have something delicious to eat afterwards!

STEAM Lab is a social enterprise that runs classes and workshops aimed at teaching kids about science, technology, engineering, art, and maths-all while having fun!

We believe that every child deserves the chance to reach their potential and have a brighter future, whatever their background.

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