How to Get More Girls Interested in STEM

Women make up only one third of graduates in STEM subjects, and only a quarter of IT jobs are held by women. These are global figures. So why are there so few women in STEM and what can we do get more girls interested in STEM subjects?

Instead of STEM, think STEAM

Science and maths have traditionally been seen as subjects for boys, but as the arts have increasingly made their way into this domain, and made it seem more fun and creative, it has attracted a wider range of people, including girls.

Get girls interested from a young age

Parents and teachers can work on helping girls develop an interest in STEM from a young age, so they don’t get put off by perceptions that science and maths are ‘for boys.’

Look at what they read, play with, and watch

Nobody’s saying they can’t have dolls or tea sets, just think about introducing them to STEM toys and encouraging them to watch or read things where they can become familiar with STEM concepts.

Let girls experiment

If your little girl is girly and loves dolls, there’s no reason why she can’t be interested in science too. Let her try different things and see what she develops an interest in.

Remember that STEM is not just about learning from a textbook

Speak to girls about how their interests might fit into a STEM career if they roll their eyes when you mention science or maths. Does your daughter love taking photos with her iPhone? Maybe she could learn digital photography? If she loves looking after her pets, she might be interested in pursuing a career as a vet. The options are endless with STEM.

Don’t pass on your own negative feelings

Don’t talk to your kids about how terrible you were at maths or that you were never a ‘science person.’ This might make them feel negative about STEM subjects, especially if they aren’t traditionally ‘academic.’

Remind them that STEM is just another way to view the world

Girls don’t have to become a scientist to get something from learning STEM concepts. STEM is just another branch of learning that will hopefully turn children into curious, life-long learners.

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