How to Get Your Child Interested in STEAM

Kids learn about the world around them by playing, testing things out, and asking questions. You might think there’s no rhyme or reason behind them building a tower of Lego then knocking it down, but there is-they’re actually learning something. Children are naturally curious, and parents can capitalise on this and help them develop an interest in STEAM.


STEAM helps kids understand more about the world. It teaches them problem-solving, critical thinking, and evaluating skills, while also encouraging collaboration, creativity, and resilience. These are important skills to have whatever they want to do in life.

How can parents help kids develop an interest in STEAM?

Helping kids develop an interest in STEAM is not just about helping them with their homework (or trying to!). Learning doesn’t just have to take place in the classroom, you can help them learn about STEAM through every day activities too. Here’s how;

Show them how STEAM fits into everyday life

Once kids learn that STEAM is not only learned from a textbook, they become much more interested. Show them that STEAM concepts are all around them including in:

Cooking: Cooking can teach them maths and science concepts, from weighing and measuring, to how water boils and why toast burns.

Shopping: The supermarket is a good place to teach them about maths concepts like percentages, addition and subtraction, and working out the change you’ll get at the checkout.

Make STEM learning interactive

If kids are having hands-on fun, they won’t even realise they’re learning. Why not take your child to a museum where they can learn about STEAM, how things are made, and about the world in general? You can also join them in playing with STEAM toys and games. Believe it or not, but by playing with a Lego robot, you might be helping a future robotics engineer hone his or her skills!

Get them involved in IT and DIY

This will help your child learn to solve problems and develop critical thinking skills. Think getting them to work out why something is not working or how it could be done better.

Match STEM activities to their interests

The best thing you can do to help your child develop an interest in STEAM is to teach them the concepts using things that they’re already interested in. So if your child is an avid reader, get them to read books with a STEAM focus, or if they’re into playing games on their tablet, choose educational games that will teach them STEAM concepts while they’re immersed in playing and having fun.

STEAM Lab is a social enterprise that runs classes and workshops aimed at teaching kids about science, technology, engineering, art, and maths-all while having fun!

We believe that every child deserves the chance to reach their potential and have a brighter future, whatever their background.

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