How Video Game Design Teaches Kids STEM Skills

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths, which are subjects that don’t tend to inspire enthusiasm among children, especially girls. But STEM is far from boring and new disciplines are becoming more popular all of the time. In this blog, we’re going to look at video game design and how kids can learn valuable STEM skills from it, all while having fun!

video games design STEM learning

Yes, video game design is actually STEM learning!

You might think your kids are just wasting time playing video games, but designing them is a whole different ball game. Video game design can actually teach kids a lot about STEM.

To design a video game, kids need to understand computer science. Understanding computer science is only going to become a more sought after skill as the world becomes more reliant on technology.

They also need a good working knowledge of the hardware and software that makes it possible to create a video game that is a truly immersive experience.

Believe it or not, video game design also requires you to have a good grasp of engineering. If you want to create a realistic game for users, things need to appear as they are in the real world. For example, if a building collapsed, it would do so in a certain way in real life, and this needs to be reflected in the game.

And finally, video game design requires a high-level working knowledge of maths. Programming is mathematics, and everything from the movement of characters to vehicles, and other objects is achieved using mathematical calculations. Though I think you’ll agree that it’s a lot more exciting than learning maths from a text book!

Video game technology is not just about entertainment

Some of the powers that be in education might need convincing that video game design is not just about entertainment, but game design concepts are increasingly being used in other fields. For example, architects can use game design concepts to create a real-time model of a building, where dimensions, materials, and other specifications can be changed and the outcome can instantly be seen.

Schools need to stand out from the crowd

It can be tough to allocate money from tight budgets for subjects that seem ‘soft’ or entertainment based, but disciplines like video game design have real value. They are a fun and engaging way of teaching STEM concepts and they help prepare a new generation of children for a world of work where technology is only going to become increasingly important.

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