How We Use Science in Everyday Life

If your kids tell you science is boring, now would be a good time to tell them just how many things they use, or that exist in their daily lives would be impossible without scientific discoveries. From the electricity that powers their TV and computer games, to the car you take them to school in, life would be very different without scientific innovation. Here are just some of the ways we use science in every day life.


Ask your kids to imagine life without the mobile phones, laptops, and tablets that make instant communication possible. They would definitely struggle. All of these were made possible by science.

Medicines and medical treatments

Science is the reason why many people survive illnesses today that would have been fatal 100 years ago. Medications and medical treatments have been developed to treat and diagnose illnesses a lot faster, and robotics has contributed to huge advances in surgical techniques.

Machines and appliances

From the alarm clock that wakes us up in the morning, to the car we drive to work, its Sat Nav system, the computer we use, and the television we slump in front of when we get home, every machine or appliance we use was developed thanks to scientific innovation and research.


Even something as simple as making ice cubes then putting them in our drinks demonstrates the scientific concepts of melting and freezing. Cooking and baking is basically chemistry. You’ll constantly see things boil, condense, and evaporate.

When food rots or it’s preserved

It might be a little gross, but when mould grows on bread, that’s science. When an apple rots, that’s decomposition, and when milk is pasteurised, that’s a way of giving it a longer shelf life and making it a lot safer for us to drink.

So next time your kids say science is boring, get them to look at what’s around them, and they won’t be able to name a thing that science hasn’t been involved in!

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