The Life Skills Series: How Our Classes Teach Kids About Perseverance

While we can’t deny that today’s kids have a lot of stressors to contend with, they’re also a lot more privileged than previous generations in many ways. Because of this, kids can often grow up with a sense of wanting things, but not being prepared to do the work to get them.

How to Get More Girls Interested in STEM

Women make up only one third of graduates in STEM subjects, and only a quarter of IT jobs are held by women. These are global figures. So why are there so few women in STEM and what can we do get more girls interested in STEM subjects?

Do You Know Your Child’s Learning Style?

Not every child learns best from a text book, so it’s important that different learning styles are catered for. Otherwise, some children can feel excluded and end up not doing as well as they could. If parents understand their child’s learning style, they can choose fun ways to help them learn that suits their learning style. Do you know your child’s learning style?