The Benefits of Art in Education

Whether or not art has any place in STEM is a subject of constant debate, but it’s undeniable that some STEM careers are strongly rooted in art and creative thinking, such as graphic design, architecture, and animation.

But focusing on art in education and wider learning has many benefits for children.

The benefits of art in education child painting

It allows them to express themselves

Art is an excellent outlet for expression, especially for young children who might not be able to express themselves properly verbally.

It can help develop their fine motor skills

While the painting or drawing on your fridge might look like a series of blobs and splashes, every time they draw or paint something, they’re developing their fine motor skills. Developing these skills can help them develop their hand-eye coordination, which will help when it comes to learning how to tie their shoes, write, and more.

It improves their critical thinking skills

Art can teach children many things. For example, they’ll have to select the right colour for something, then they’ll get to see what happens if they mix colours, and if they’re using paints, how much they need to use.

It improves their confidence

If your child paints or draws something, tell them how much you like it, and be sure to put it on the fridge or display it in some way. This will increase their confidence and make them feel comfortable when it comes to expressing themselves.

It helps them learn social skills

Some children might struggle when they start nursery or pre-school and they have to interact with others and learn how to share. Art is a great way to learn how to share, take turns, and work with others, especially in a group. If you’re drawing or colouring with them at home, make sure you practice these principles by asking them to pass you a coloured pencil or paint, and encouraging them to say please and thank you.

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