The Engineering Series: Myths About Engineering

There’s an engineering skills shortage in the UK, and lots of engineering jobs waiting to be filled. So why is nobody waiting in the wings to take these jobs? What is putting young people off studying or working in engineering?

female engineer engineering myths

One of the main problems is that when it comes to engineering, there are a lot of myths. In this blog, we want to challenge those myths and show you that engineering is a very exciting and innovative field to work in.

The myths about engineering

You need a university degree to be an engineer

While there are engineering degrees out there, you don’t need one to become an engineer. Young people can do an engineering apprenticeship and gets qualifications and experience on the job.

Engineering is not very creative

There’s a lot of debate about whether science and the arts goes together, but it’s not true that engineering is a field that lacks creativity. Engineering is about solving problems and that often involves creative thinking.

Engineering is boring

You might think engineering is a bit dull, and you might have an image in your mind of someone messing around with heavy and dirty machinery. But actually, engineering is anything but boring. As an engineer, you could be working across a number of different industries and working on anything from electric cars, to robots, and space shuttles! Your work could potentially change the way the world works; how many people can say that?

Engineering is not for girls

While engineering is still a male-dominated industry, that is slowly starting to change. Work is being done at grass roots level to get more girls interested in STEM, and there is no reason why women can’t excel in this field.

How can we attract more young people into engineering?

  • Focus on STEM in schools and in workshops-and make it fun and inspiring.
  • Engineers who are currently in the field (especially female engineers) can act as ambassadors, encourage young people to enter the field, and bust the myths about engineering.
  • Spread the message to kids and young people about what an exciting and innovative field engineering is by giving them real world examples of engineering in their everyday lives, from their smartphones and tablets, to the shoes they wear, the bike they ride, and the car their parents drive.

STEAM Lab runs classes and workshops aimed at teaching kids about science, technology, engineering, art, and maths-all while having fun!

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