The Engineering Series Why Become an Engineer?

Engineer with machinery Engineering makes the world work, so when you’re an engineer, you’re usually making someone’s life easier, or designing something that we all rely on.

As well as being very rewarding, engineering is well-paid, creative, and fun. Here’s why you should become an engineer.

They’re in demand

Engineers are always in demand, and there are well over 2 million engineering jobs in the UK that will need to be filled in the next decade. Could your little genius be a future engineer?

They are well-paid

If you study and graduate in an engineering or technology-related subject, your starting salary will be around 10% higher than graduates in other subjects.

They solve some of our biggest problems

Engineering is not just about ‘fixing’ things. It improves our lives in a lot of different ways. From designing prosthetic limbs to developing electric cars to reduce pollution, engineers are involved and what they do makes a difference.

It’s a creative job

If your child is more creative than logical, you might not think that they will be suited to a career in engineering. But engineering is actually a very creative job. Sometimes engineers have to think outside the box to solve problems and test many different ideas before they find the right one.

It’s a good career choice for ‘hands-on’ people

As an engineer, you won’t spend entire days sat behind a desk or learning theory, you’ll be very hands on, designing, developing, testing, and creating. Everything you do will be related to the real world.

You’ll be forever learning

Engineers are required in many different industries, and as you move from one job to another and from one sector to another, you’ll learn plenty of new things and face a lot of new challenges. You’ll be forever learning and you’ll never get bored at work!

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