The Life Skills Series: The Importance of Teaching Children About Teamwork

Teaching children about teamwork As children grow and develop, they naturally learn a lot on their own. But the most important life skills come from interacting with others. Teamwork is a prime example. Learning to work with others and communicate well isn’t just something they’ll need to get on in school, it’s a skill they need for the world of work and beyond. Teachers and parents have an important role to play when it comes to teaching children about teamwork.

Why is teamwork important?

Teamwork teaches children to work with others to achieve a goal. It teaches them to respect other people’s opinions, share ideas, and communicate better with others. Working as part of a team can also help children feel like they belong, and it strengthens key social and emotional skills, as well as confidence and self-esteem.

How can you teach children about teamwork?

Use games that teach teamwork: Play and learning is a combination that we really believe in, and using games that encourage collaboration and communication is a great way to teach children about teamwork. Board games are also very effective.

Encourage them to show good sportsmanship: When children play team games, they can become quite competitive and eager to claim the glory for themselves. Encourage them to be team players instead and to work together and bask in their wins as a team.

Encourage collaboration on projects: This is the most frequent scenario where children might have to work together. It might be an art project, a short presentation, or building a model, but it encourages communication, cooperation, and collaboration. Every child should have their own role on the team.

Give feedback: Teachers and parents should offer feedback on how the children worked together as a team. Is there one child who thinks the louder they shout or the bossier they are, they’ll get their way? Is there one child who doesn’t listen to others when they speak? Find a way to feed this back and tell children how they can work better as a team.

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