What Children Can Learn from Building Models

children building models Building models is educational for children, and it provides a great opportunity to unplug them from their devices for a few hours, learn something new, and have fun. Here’s what children can learn from building models.

Why is building models so beneficial for children?

Building something is learning by doing. They learn skills and principles that they can see come to life, rather than just reading about it. Children also usually perceived hands-on learning to be more engaging and fun, especially those who find traditional, more academic learning tough.

Building models can help build on what children learn at school, for example:

Design and technology principles like structures and mechanisms

Scientific principles like forces and motion

Maths principles like measurements and shapes

Life skills like creativity, problem solving, and communication skills

Some more benefits that children can get from building models or playing with construction toys like Lego include:

It improves fine motor skills

To build a model, children have to move and manipulate pieces and fix them into place. This trains their hand-eye coordination and the strength and dexterity of the muscles of their hands.

It develops critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills

If a child builds a model and it doesn’t work or move the way it should, this encourages them to think about why, and how they could can correct it.

It teaches them patience

It’s easy for a child to become frustrated if they can’t work out how to do something or get something to work, but building a model teaches them how to work deliberately and carefully to create an end result.

It increases their confidence

Building a model from scratch gives children confidence in their own abilities.

It encourages them to think

Building a model will really get kids thinking; much more than mindlessly swiping on a device will, anyway.

It’s a great way to teach scientific principles

Children learn about the way things work when they are building models. Architecture and design skills are involved too. You never know, you might be watching a future award-winning architect when your child is putting together their creation.

It teaches kids maths skills

Maths is not the most engaging subject for children, but they can learn maths principles when they’re building models, and they won’t even know it! Counting, adding, learning about shapes, and calculations can all come into building the perfect model.

It encourages teamwork

Building a model can be accomplished more easily and faster when children work together. The task helps them learn how to take turns and share ideas.

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