What Jobs Can People With Robotics Skills Do?

Robotics If you read our last blog post, you’ll know that robots are increasingly being used in all types of industries for lots of different applications. You’ll find them in operating theatres, in the military, manufacturing, and more.

Because robotics is a growing field, it brings with it many job opportunities, and children who learn robotics can put themselves ahead of the pack for the future.

People with robotics skills can become engineers, developers, designers, and technicians who’ll do everything from designing to testing and selling robots to industry.

Here are just some of the exciting job roles that people with robotics skills can get in to.

Robotics Engineer

This can take a lot of research and ingenuity, and going back to the drawing board. As well as designing and developing robots, it’s the engineer’s job to test them for safety and work out how to correct any errors before it’s ready to go to market. This is definitely a job for someone who is technically-minded and willing to persevere to get something just right.

Software Developer

Every robot has an operating system and a software developer’s job is to write the code to tell the robot how to function in a safe and efficient way. Is your child glued to their computer? How about getting them interested in coding by signing them up to one of our workshops or classes?


There are different technician roles available in robotics. A robotics technician repairs and carries out maintenance on robots, and an electromechanical technician works alongside a robotics engineer in the robot design process.

Sales Engineer

Designing and building a robot is a very costly and hi-tech process. Once a robot has been developed, it’s the sales engineer’s job to sell it to industry, the military, or whoever wants to acquire it. They must be knowledgeable about every technical and design detail of the robot. Has your child got an eye for detail and a technical mind? Maybe they could be a future sales engineer!


Operators do a very important job. They have to make sure that they keep an eye on the robot constantly to make sure it’s functioning correctly and to repair it if necessary. Imagine if the military had a drone watching over a sensitive target and it was suddenly out of action, or if a bomb disposal unit had to put a person in harm’s way because the robot they use to investigate potential explosives suddenly malfunctioned? Now you see why this is an important job!

You might hear stories about robots taking over human jobs, but in reality, as we’ve seen in this blog, the growth of the robotics industry is creating jobs too!

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