Why is Encouraging Girls Into STEM So Important?

Girl learning STEM skills

Two female scientists recently became the first women to win the Nobel prize in Chemistry in the award’s history, yet when it comes to encouraging more girls and women into STEM, it appears that there’s more to be done.

So much good work has already been done, but in the UK, women make up only 22% of the STEM workforce. The computer science, engineering, and technology fields are still very male dominated, though there are an increasing number of women studying biology and chemistry at a higher level.

So how do we encourage girls and young women to choose STEM subjects and pursue a STEM career, and why is it so important?

Why is encouraging girls and young women to get into STEM so important?

Many STEM industries are battling with skills shortages that are only going to get worse. For example, the engineering industry needs to recruit over 180,000 skilled personnel over the next decade, so encouraging girls and young women into STEM could help reduce the shortfall.

It opens up so many different career opportunities

STEM jobs are not all done in labs and they are certainly not boring! STEM skills are transferrable across many industries from designing electric cars and prosthetic limbs, to designing video games.

It can make it more likely that you’ll get hired

Research has shown that employers tend to favour people with higher qualifications in a STEM discipline. It turns out that there’s a big need for people who have a curious, creative, and analytical mind!

How can you encourage your daughter to get into STEM?

  • Encourage her to do STEM workshops and classes outside of school like the ones we run at STEAMLab.
  • Visit science exhibits at local museums so she can see science in action and hopefully be amazed!
  • Make screen time learning time. If your daughter loves her computer or tablet, why not download educational apps and games where she can learn things like coding and animation? There are also plenty of valuable STEM learning resources online. GlaxoSmithKline has some great STEM learning resources for 11-14 year-olds.
  • Do some research on women who are at the top of their game in a STEM career and talk to your child about it.
  • Buy her some STEM toys. STEM toys have been previously more geared towards boys, but there are an increasing number of options and sets for girls to explore STEM and develop new interests.

At STEAMLab, our workshops and classes help every child learn skills that will not only benefit them in the classroom but that will stay with them for life. We believe there should never be any barriers to kids fulfilling their true potential.

To find out more about our fun, engaging, and educational sessions, get in touch!

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